Gastric Balloon

What Is A Gastric Balloon?
It is the procedure of placing a balloon filled with liquid into the stomach by endoscopic method. It is a non-surgical assistive weight loss method. The aim is to restrict food intake by occupying space in the stomach of the balloon. There are gastric balloons that can stay in the stomach for 6-12 months and can also be adjusted in volume within 1 year. All of them are CE-certified and FDA-approved materials that are suitable for contact with stomach acid and are not objectionable for medical use.

Who Is The Gastric Balloon
Applied To?

Gastric balloon,
– BMI value not suitable for surgery (BMI= 25-35)
– High-risk surgery due to additional diseases,
– Those with failure in weight control due to diet incompatibility
– In selected patients who need preoperative risk reduction due to super morbid obesity;
It is a non-surgical assisted obesity treatment method.
It is not applied to pregnant and lactating women, those who have had previous bariatric surgery, patients with gastric hernia or who have undergone gastric surgery.
How Does The Gastric Balloon Work?
Due to the presence of a balloon that takes up space in the stomach, the patient’s portion size decreases, and the appetite decreases due to the constantly full stomach.
Therefore, the patient who is full with small portions and gets hungry late can achieve 20-25% weight loss in an easier and sustainable pace with the nutrition program arranged by the dietitian.
It should be kept in mind that the gastric balloon will not have the effect of bariatric surgery and will be effective with an appropriate nutrition program and exercise. The main goal is to help you to include healthy diet and regular exercise into your life.
How Is The Gastric Balloon Applied?
Gastric balloon is a daily procedure performed endoscopically, accompanied by sleep-inducing drugs. After 8 hours of fasting, first of all, endoscopy is performed with sedative drugs. If no disease is detected in the stomach, the deflated balloon is inflated in the stomach in the appropriate position. Blue dyed serum is used for swelling.
After the procedure, which takes about 15-20 minutes, the patient is followed in the day service bed. After 30-45 minutes, liquid food intake is provided and the patient is discharged.
In the first five to seven days after gastric balloon application, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully follow the recommendations on the use of prescription drugs before and after the procedure.
After the gastric balloon application, a nutrition follow-up program arranged in accordance with daily life and eating habits is applied. At appropriate intervals, the patient’s nutrition program is followed by a dietitian.
How To Remove Gastric Balloon?
All gastric balloons we use are removed endoscopically at the end of the treatment. With endoscopy, the balloon, inflated in the stomach, is emptied with special devices, deflated and removed.

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